Keyset Testimonials

Loved By Educators

Once you add Keyset for Education into your teaching workflow, you’ll see why these teachers love using it.

  • Maria Headshot

    Maria Zavala

    English Teacher

    With Keyset, I’m able to give timely and actionable feedback. I love that I am able to give consistent feedback and my feedback quality does not change when I am nearing the end of a grading session. With Keyset, all of my students receive the same high quality feedback.

  • Rob Thomas

    IB History Teacher

    In trying to develop my students’ analytical writing skills, I have found myself providing the same constructive feedback on student papers for years. Keyset has allowed me to provide consistent and effective feedback in less than half the time. Such a great tool!

  • Jillian Headshot

    Jillian Maguinness

    History Teacher

    As a new teacher, let me be the first to say… I LOVE KEYSET! My colleagues were able to easily share their keyboard with me. Their feedback shortcuts took away the fear and intimidation that I felt grading my first student papers.

  • Jillian Headshot

    Jillian Turnbull

    Charter School Education Advisor

    Keyset saves teachers time but most importantly engages the student to really look at and LEARN from feedback in a way that is student-friendly and digital.