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Save time on feedback without compromising quality by creating your own comment paste commands.

What is Keyset? Keyset is a web-app and Chrome extension that enables teachers to easily paste their frequently used comments anywhere online by pushing a single keyboard key.

Are traditional comment banks cramping your style? Fed up with the copy-paste routine for repetitive feedback? Elevate your feedback game with Keyset’s modern, user-friendly platform. Revolutionize your grading process for only $39.99/year.

Create, store, and organize 1,000s of different comments.

Each bank can be copied and tweaked to provide specific assignment feedback.

Use your comments anywhere online.

Lessons change, teachers pivot, schools adopt new learning management systems…

Your banks are ready to use where you are. If you can get to our chrome extension, you can use your Keyset comments.

Share and collaborate on comment banks.

Because Keyset for Education is its own app, it does not matter if your teaching bestie is on a different LMS, app, or report-card system. Work together to create quality feedback.

Program each comment to paste with a single key.

When you are ready to grade, simply activate Keyset and paste your comments by typing the corresponding shortcut keys.

Feedback from teachers is powerful. Now it’s easy.

Move your comments to Keyset for Education’s sleek and intuitive platform. Instead of the comment banks you might find built into other websites or learning management systems, Keyset lets teachers design comments that can be used across different apps by activating Keyset’s Google Chrome Extension.

Our users love the increased efficiency Keyset brings to Google Classroom, Canvas, Flipgrid, Google Docs, Microsoft 365, Remind, Outlook and more!

  • Save time by inserting comments with a single keystroke
  • Copy and modify your comment banks depending on the goals of each lesson

  • Save unlimited comment banks to reuse as needed

  • Collaborate on and share comment banks

We want to help you get started. With your Keyset subscription, gain immediate access to an essay feedback comment bank with twenty-three pre-designed comments. Each comment is ready to insert with a single key.

All keyboard comments can be copied and modified.

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See how quick and easy it is to get up and going with Keyset’s pre-loaded essay feedback bank.

Remember, all comments will paste online using Keyset’s Google Chrome extension. Try pasting comments directly into a document or in your LMS. Keyset will adapt to accepted formatting.

Created with teachers in mind.

We are here to make excellent educators more efficient. Keyset was designed by award-winning teachers struggling to give quality student feedback in a reasonable amount of time. Keyset is research-based and has helped hundreds of teachers make a positive difference in student learning. Use Keyset for Education alone or have your entire professional team sign up to share and collaborate on feedback.

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Keyset, the Future of Feedback

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Research and Best Practices

Ensure your feedback maintains the highest quality by following the 10 Principles of Effective Feedback.

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Why Teachers Love Keyset

Teachers love using Keyset for Education. Their testimonials show how Keyset has allowed them to maintain quality feedback while saving time.

With Keyset, excel in creating feedback that is…

Built for teachers of all grades

Keyset works for any teacher who is grading work on a computer. Leaving student feedback is highly beneficial, but takes time. At each grade level, faster feedback means better progress for your students. Keyset makes it quick and easy to deliver quality feedback, no matter what age you’re teaching.

  • Elementary

  • Middle

  • High School

  • College

College Professor Teaching Students

“Keyset has allowed me to provide consistent and effective feedback in less than half the time.”

Rob Thomas, IB History Teacher

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